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4. Controlling Presentations

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Can I use my phone to control SlideDog?


Our SlideDog companion app for iOS and Android allows you to remote control SlideDog. You can also control your PC running SlideDog directly from, if you can’t or don’t want to to download an app. The web version offers much of the same functionality as the iOS and Android apps.

Get the SlideDog app on Google Play and the AppStore:

Get it on Google Play

Make sure to enable the Remote feature in the SlideDog application by clicking the mobile phone toggle button in the top-right corner of the SlideDog PC application.

Then enter the channel and secret pin/password on your phone or web browser (if using

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What are the keyboard shortcuts in SlideDog?

SlideDog only has a few keyboard shortcuts. In general you press “PgDn” or “Right Arrow” to go to the next slide or item in the playlist and “ESC” to unload the presentation files and exit the show.

Remember that you can still use the file viewers keyboard shortcuts when you are playing the files in SlideDog. For instance, PowerPoints keyboard shortcuts will also work in SlideDog.

SlideDog keyboard shortcuts:

File Types Keyboard Shortcuts
All file types ESC – End Show
PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi PgDn, Right, Space – Next Step
PgUp, Left – Previous Step
Videos PgDn, Right – Next Item (in playlist)
Space – Play/Pause
Images PgDn, Right – Next Item (in playlist)
Web Pages (URLs) No keyboard shortcuts

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Can I control SlideDog with a Wireless Remote?


You can use most standard presenter remotes, such as the Logitech Wireless Presenter. Wireless remotes usually work by simulating the PageUp and PageDown keys on your PC, which is the next and previous slide trigger keys for PowerPoint and also for SlideDog. So, as long as your remote works with PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, etc. it should work with SlideDog.

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