The SlideDog Live Sharing feature doesn’t work on my computer!

There could be several reasons for why Live Sharing does not load properly:

1. A firewall configuration might block the connection to the SlideDog servers. Please make sure that you have open access on port 80 and 443 to “” and “”

2. Anti-virus or Firewall software might be blocking some of the components needed to run LiveSharing. Please try to disable any anti-virus software while running SlideDog and see if this helps.

3. You are connected to the Internet through a VPN connection. This might limit the connection to our servers, and also make it harder to detect your physical location so we can connect you to the closest server possible. Please try to connect to the Internet without using VPN.

If none of the above helps, let us know and we can diagnose further. Please bear in mind that if you use a corporate computer, there might be system restrictions put in place by your administrator that prevents our software from functioning properly.

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Posted in: 8. Troubleshooting