Why do I need third-party software to run SlideDog?

To show your presentation files as accurate as possible, SlideDog uses the best file viewer programs available for the various file formats (PowerPoint is used to show .pptx files, VLC is used to show videos, etc.).

We could have made SlideDog to not rely on third-party software, but then we’d have to resort to conversion of all the presentation files into a standardized format. This process almost always leads to loss of quality. Transitions will sometimes be lost, animations won’t show up correctly and fonts may appear less crisp.

It’s no requirement to have Office PowerPoint, Adobe Reader or Google Chrome installed, but you won’t be able to display the file types (.pptx, .pdf and web pages) of those programs through SlideDog if you don’t. You can however still show videos, images and use the audience interaction features.

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