SlideDog is a multimedia presentation tool that lets you combine PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Prezi presentations, movie clips, web pages, and more into one innovative, seamless viewing experience.
Presentation playlists
With SlideDog, you can create custom playlists for all your presentation files and media. Just drag your files into Slidedog—then arrange, save and play. Everything in one playlist, exactly the way you want it.
Create custom SlideDog presentation playlists for all your media needs.
When you have different media to display and want to easily switch back and forth.
When you have multiple speakers, in meetings or at conferences, and want to seamlessly switch between their presentations.
When you have demonstrations or sales pitches where you often switch between a slide deck and a website.
When you have timed presentations with different file types (you can configure SlideDog to auto-advance and loop the playlist).
UNLIMITED POSSIBILITES: In addition to adding files from your desktop computer, we add the power of the Internet. With SlideDog, you can easily integrate content from free public web resources like YouTube to extend functionality and quickly add pre-formatted content to your slides.
SlideDog lets you remotely control the presentations and playlist from your smart phone, tablet or secondary computer. You can also share your slides in real-time with the audience.
Use any web-enabled device with a modern browser to control SlideDog remotely. With the SlideDog Remote App, you get a link to a website where you can change files and slides, control multimedia and view notes. Your own PIN code restricts access to the remote and makes sure you are the only one in charge.
With SlideDog’s Live Sharing of presentation content, your audience can follow your slides on their own devices through a SlideDog generated link. One click and they can see currently and previously seen slides, ask questions, answer polls, and give feedback.
Capture your audience by adding interactive elements to your presentation.
How did your presentation go? Was your audience engaged? Is there something you can do better? Get anonymous feedback using your own questionnaire.
This feature lets you add polls at any time during your presentation. The audience answers the questions on their own devices and you get the results on your screen.
Engage participants by adding a live chat or discussion. Receive questions and comments from the audience and respond to whom you want, when you want.
Slidedog supports all common presentation media including PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Prezi presentations, pictures, and almost every video format available. Adding web content is easy, especially with our built-in “Add from YouTube” feature.
Supporting multiple formats can be tricky. Unlike web-based counterparts, SlideDog always displays the presentation files 100% correctly. All your elements— transitions, animations, sounds, fonts and multimedia— show in their original formats, and display just like you planned them. Showing movies inside a PowerPoint or advanced 3D models inside a PDF? No problem. You design it— we’ll play it. Click here for a complete list of supported file formats and media.
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Once you load up your playlist with presentation media, SlideDog instantly switches between the files.
SlideDog uses a cross-fade technique, fading in the next file over the previous (you can control the fading duration in the settings menu). This eliminates screen flashes/flickering, glitches and short moments of showing the desktop. The seamless switches allow you to blend PowerPoint decks with Prezi presentations and other media, giving your audience a continuous viewing experience.
When skipping forward in the playlist, SlideDog will remember your position. This means that when you revisit a file, SlideDog will automatically display the slide/page/position where you left off. No more frantic alt-tabbing or browsing through files and folders while distracting the audience with your desktop icons.
SlideDog is tailored for use on dual displays. It features a separate presenter screen with your playlist, a timer and presenter’s notes. You are always in control, and your audience only sees what you want them to see.
Thumbnails of individual PowerPoint and PDF slides/pages are automatically generated, and you can easily expand the PowerPoint or PDF playlist items to view the complete slide timeline. The timer starts counting once you click “Start Show” and keeps going until you are at the end of your playlist. This way you can keep track of time spent across multiple presentation files.
Digital Signage is a collective term for monitors that run a never-ending slideshow containing information for others to observe. You can typically see these screens in stores, receptions, conferences, waiting rooms, offices and more. SlideDog can be used as an easy and low-cost digital signage solution.
With the “Advance Automatically” and “Loop Continuously” features you can create a beautiful combination of multimedia to run on your screens. This will make SlideDog automatically play through your playlist and start from the beginning repeatedly. You can also make SlideDog load the contents of a network folder and automatically commence the show upon startup. This is a useful feature if you would like to refresh the contents of the playlist by rebooting the computer on given intervals. SlideDog supports a wide range of file formats (especially videos) so you only need to drag & drop the files you want your screen to display and you are ready to go.
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