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Create seamless playlists from your favorite presentation media

Windows Installer. Version 2.3.6. System Requirements

Uniquely Designed Presentations

Why limit yourself to one presentation medium when you can combine PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, and many more elements into one easy-to-create playlist. With SlideDog, you never have to switch between different programs during your presentation.

Seamless Playback

No conversion, no downgrade, no surprises. All your elements show in their original formats, and display just like you’d expect them to. Once the playlist is loaded, your content plays back as though it’s just one seamless file.

Live Sharing

Want to share the slides live? Do a quick poll or remotely control the presentation through your phone? We got you covered! Your audience can access the live sharing from iOS, Android and Web.


SlideDog comes with a powerful playlist. You can drag-and-drop most multimedia and presentation files straight to the playlist and you are ready to present.









Seamless playlist at your fingertips

You can drop all types of file formats used for your presentation into a simple playlist – then hit play.

Make your presentations
truly interactive.

Engage your audience with interactive polls; solicit questions or comment your slides, and collect feedback on your presentations.

Live Chat

Engage participants by adding a live chat or discussion. Receive questions and comments from the audience and respond to whom you want, when you want.

Audience Feedback

How did your presentation go? Was your audience engaged? Is there something you can do better? Get anonymous feedback using your own questionnaire.

Events, Conferences & Meetings

Seamless transition between presenters and files.


Present professionally and integrate your reports.

Non-profits & Churches

Present all your media without interruptions.

Teachers & Educational

Engage your students with interactive polls.


Switch presentation files on the fly.

And many more..

Built for you

Build for presenters
by presenters.

Enhancing presenters since 2012. You’re in good company. Join thousands of businesses and individuals that present with SlideDog – from individual educators, AV professionals and pastors to large corporations.




Our customers

From small businesses, conferences, churches to big corporations, they are what inspire us.

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Cancel at any time.

$ 99 /year

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$ 299 /lifetime

Includes upgrades until version 3.0.0

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We offer custom pricing for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we will figure out something that works for you.

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Can I transfer my SlideDog Pro licence from one PC to another?

Yes. You can deactivate your license at any time and reactivate it on another PC. Each license key contains two activations, allowing you to run SlideDog Pro on two computers simultaneously. For volume purchases and discounts see the quantity field when ordering in the SlideDog store.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply follow the link contained in the email you received when you first made your order. This link is also found in each of the renewal notification emails. Your subscription will revert to the Free version when the current billing period expires.


Will I receive free upgrades and premium support as a Pro user?

You will receive free upgrades and premium support (guaranteed answers from our support team) as long as your subscription period is active. If you do not renew your license after the subscription period, you can still keep using the Free version.


How do I order the Pro version of SlideDog?

You can order a Pro license by signing up for a plan on the Pricing page. Your payment will be processed immediately and you’ll receive your license key by e-mail within a couple of minutes. You can start using SlideDog and activate the license from within the application.

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