Best Free Presentation Software for Churches and Easy Worship Alternatives

Flat screens and projectors displaying lyrics and Bible texts are more or less replacing printed material at churches and places of worship. We take a look at the best church presentation software.


Flat screens and projectors displaying lyrics and Bible texts are more or less replacing printed material at churches and places of worship. Because of increasing competition in the church presentation software market, the software solutions for churches have gotten a lot better and more user friendly over the past few years.


Nevertheless, there are huge differences in how individual churches choose to apply technology in their services and therefore also some big differences in church presentation software – especially regarding features and learning curve, not to mention pricing.

Big churches with multiple projectors, lots of digital content and audio visual effects may need to resort to some of the paid and proven alternatives, like Easy Worship, while other smaller services are well off with a free or inexpensive solution.

If you’re a part of the last group, here’s a list of the best free church presentation software available.

1. SlideDog

As you can add almost any kind of presentation media available, seamlessly fade in and out between them and use the remote feature to control it via an iPad or smart phone, SlideDog fits nicely into the tool belt of many church technicians. Apart from many of the other church presentation solutions, SlideDog has a much easier and more intuitive user interface eliminating the need for hours of training and getting used to the software. Bible verses and songs can be displayed via PowerPoint slides, PDFs or any other media that SlideDog supports.

Download SlideDog for free and give it a try!


2. OpenLP

OpenLP is an open source alternative with lots of features for managing and displaying songs, Bible verses, images, videos and more. They support PowerPoint files, but no other slide format presentations. A nice feature is that it facilitates linking songs to audio files for use as backing tracks. It’s written in Python and you can download distributions for almost every popular (and unpopular) operating system.


3. VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm has the advantage of being translated into many different languages. It gives you access to more than 10,000 songs and over 90 Bibles. It’s compatible with song and Bible collections from other church presentation software which makes the transition from another product easier. The most important features of VidePsalm are it’s video playback and looping, live editing of lyrics, simultaneous bilingual display and extensive slide formatting options that provide total control over the look-and-feel of slides.


4. Free Worship

Free Worship is a Windows only presentation software rich in features. It allows for displaying of songs, images, videos, bible passages, notes and webcams/video cameras. It supports text overlay on videos as well as zoom and crossfade transitions. Currently there is no provision for playing audio in FreeWorship. However it is possible to trick FreeWorship into playing an audio file by adding it as a video. Other neat features include the ability to export words and service lists to PDF or RTF and a live spell checker.


5. Quela

Quelea is a cross platform (Windows and Linux) church presentation software. It has good support for importing songs from online libraries and support several bible formats. You have the ability to display songs, PowerPoint and videos, but it’s their latest Mobile Lyrics accessibility feature that sets them apart from the others. Quela enables you to push out the lyrics to a web page – the lyrics can then be displayed on a mobile device with whatever color combination the user chooses.


6. ZionWorx

Zionworx unique feature is their fast integrated song database, letting you display any song in a few seconds (as long as you are connected to the web and’s servers are up and running). It offers support for running Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2007 presentations and is fully compliant with CCLI licensing laws. As most of the other free tools, it uses a dual monitor configuration to display a control panel on one screen while the visuals and song texts on another.


If you’ve tried any of theses church presentation tools, please share your experiences in the comment section.

61 thoughts on “Best Free Presentation Software for Churches and Easy Worship Alternatives

  1. Looking for something to spice up prayer meetings on a very low budget ( actually, the cost of internet data alone) when i stumbled upon this page via google.
    I think above all, i love the user friendly, clutter free, Quelea interface more and recently downloaded the genesis version but have noticed these glitches:
    *Quelea prompted me to download videolan (vlc) which i already had installed, uninstalled and reinstalled because the prompts never stopped no matter how many times i refreshed.
    *It offered the refreshing difference of displaying text on video backgrounds but this too didnt work.
    *I hooked up a projector and everytime i sent a verse LIVE with a video background, it appeared with a black background.
    *It’s widescreen (16:9) on my system monitor but square (4:3) when projected.
    I’m yet to test Easyslides which was my 2nd download and will post as soon as I do.

    -Emeka .A

    1. Hi Emeka,

      Quelea uses VLC for video – so as you’ve discovered, nothing video related will work if Quelea can’t find a VLC instance. Are you running on a windows system? If so check you have 32 bit VLC – 64 bit VLC won’t work with Quelea (even on a 64 bit system.) You’ll need to download the 32 bit VLC install for it to work properly. If you’re still having trouble then feel free to post to the Quelea discussion group (!forum/quelea-discuss) and we’ll try and help you further!

    2. HI Emeka, I know it’s been 3 months since you posted this comment, but I’d like to suggest . You can create presentations and animations easily by using tons of its ready-made templates. It’s free too. it takes just a few seconds to register and start creating your first project.

    3. Hi Emeka, How do you adjust the songs presentation to fit the page. I am unable to get it to fit as it always aligns to the default top left hand corner of the page. Thanks and God bless.


  3. We have just started using OpenLP and its ok… it does have some quirks. Theres a slight learning curve. I don’t feel comfortable passing services on to volunteers yet. As of now, I’m handling services myself…

    1. kindly check the latest version of Open LP its great and very simple to use ..I ll try to upload the video of its usage soon.

      Have a nice day <3

    2. I have been using OpenLP for 6+ months. It is very user-friendly. I have pulled from the untrained congregation and instructed them briefly. We do, however, have issues when running PowerPoint or web videos through OpenLP. We can add them to the service, preview them, and when you go live, nothing happens. Very good program for projecting song lyrics though.

      1. Might have a look at it again when 2.2 comes out (it’s at RC4 now).
        Also, have you submitted a bug report on this issue?

        1. I also have issues with power-point presentations and video playback, so you’re telling me that there is a new version of OpenLP coming out? I’ll go check out their site. I have not checked the web site in a while and I’m not sure how bug reporting happens. we can do that?

      2. I agree, very good for presenting song lyrics and bible verses… but you’re right, first time volunteers have a tough time with the UI, it’s very cluttered.

  4. Good day, Pls I want a software that will allow me work on my system and send something else to the projector.

    1. almost all the software support that, you need to set the settings once you connect your projector data cable, on major pc, press (window button + P) and change it to anyone you like and you will be able to do what you request for. Hope this helps?

  5. Can I ask you for something. I have one problem. Does any of this softwares support touchscreen? Thank you for all your answers. J.M

    1. OpenLP Android app is very touchscreen friendly. Just build your service schedule on the PC and then use the Android app to control the flow of the service. The App also has a Stage function where a tablet or android monitor can display the lyrics without background for the worship leader/band to follow along. OpenLP has it’s issues, but for the majority of our church needs, it has been a God-send.

  6. Hi. Does anyone know if these programs contains a feature so it’s possible to change/correct in a slide without closing the slide. Hope you understand my question 🙂

    1. Hi Abigail, Quelea contains this feature – just ctrl+click on a particular song section to edit it in-place quickly (designed for correcting spelling mistakes on the fly!)

  7. Dear All,
    I will be very interested to let you all know that, there are many a many people who are in real need of church service,its really of greater complexity to explain the reality as of now.Moving forward i considerably support usage of service presentation software with appropriate configuration (those who are not aware of software jargons/words can ignore “configuration” term ).

    To my knowledge i have seen the beauty “proclaim” ( though we need to pay to avail the software ) and the beast Open LP ( free and i my self have tested it to some extent its simple to use too with lots of feature and i presume its the future) similar to Easy Worship (paid).Nevertheless you can go around with other software named over here and enlighten us with the same.

    Important Note :
    1.Please don,t push the pastor hard to browse and know the software completely rather a member of church can take responsibility and can put on the your queries as there are lots of software engineers willing to help you out.

    2.Lets Unite and make one or maximum two sites for discussion and make those website famous across the globe (dreaming big but its possible).

    3.Many people around the world have problem with bright screen namely laptop or tablet thus usage of projector should be encouraged rather using your personal gadget for the same and its great idea.

    4.There are lots of engineers/masons/carpenters/ etc belonging to different religion sect who are primarily reaching out to support Christian/Hindu/Muslim etc organization to make this world a better place of PEACE and LOVE.So keep an open mind to all religion and follow your religion “dhramyam”: which simply means – Principle of religion.

    5.Kindly discourage lots of free software presentation development and start contributing to the existing free source or open source(open source does not always means free).However a technology which can drive things better should be adapted with appropriate tests,kindly don’t release software with out testing as its not healthy.

    6.However when church grows keep an vision with regard to the hardware/software requirements further financial requirements should be emphasized for the same.

    7.Use the software features required for the service & discourage complexity – KEEP SIMPLE and STRAIGHT.

    Install >> Present >> serve ( simple )

    8.Encourage Touch screen gadgets and software.

    9.Finally reach out to the people in need and serve your best.

    – LIVE STRONG,LIVE IN REALM OF FREEDOM – Have a great day !!! BE BLESSED – OneLove

  8. Those who are personally testing the software can share the usage(how to use software) video.This can save valuable time on installation and testing,apart brief you up with look and feel of the software.

  9. I was on the look out for a good software I could use for the presentation and church service in all. These links are a God send and really appreciate the time you took to put this together. I have chosen Zionwox and I think its great and havent had any issues so far. There is a lot of room to play around with themes, arrangements, fonts and the likes which you dont get comprehensively enough with the other applications. Thanks again for this

  10. downloaded the VideoPsalm software and tried importing songs but I didnt find any to import even after clicking on all the online library options displayed including VideoPsalm’s. It kept saying,” the import did not complete correctly. check your internet connection.” and my connection is just fine!

    1. Hello,
      I started using VideoPsalm last month, so far I have used it for 4 Sundays.
      It’s a pretty good piece of Software as it allows you to import numerous Bible Versions and Song Books in any language, For my case I got two Versions of the Bible in Swahili, (Am a Kenyan 🙂 ).
      However, for you to import them successfully, you need very high speed internet connectivity.

      However, you can bypass this by importing one songbook at a time.

      All the Best

      1. Yes Paul, I just downloaded VideoPsalm and its quite good. Been using Easy Worship trying to import the Swa Bible to no avail until I discovered VideoPsalm!! The best so far and its FREE!!

  11. ..hi guy’s. I need help. Our church will start a mini concert crusade. I’m just wondering if what’s the best presentation software for our song lyrics. We’re on a tight budget. Thanks.

  12. I downloaded VideoPsalm on my home computer to try it out before installing it on our church computer. I sat down and played with it for 30 minutes and had no problem doing anything I tried. very simple to learn. Loved it immediately.

  13. I urgently need help.
    Here is our current scenario
    We are currently using powerpoint and have to type all scripture.
    We do not have internet at our church
    We often write and use our own songs.

    So I am looking for a solution that I can download but run off line.
    I need to be able to download the bible and have it off line.
    I want to save songs we wrote our selves and present these.
    I want to have a camera backround feed so I can overlay scriptures and songs.

    1. If you are using Microsoft V/s Linux in MS you can download e-sword

      which I find convenient for cut & past to (I use Open Office as a word processor, “Optional”) Message. I might mention that my experience has strictly been practising at home even though I had a mobile licence, but could not convince the powers that be the necessity of being licences for presentation be it be with the transparencies or other.

    2. I would suggest you to g with Ephphatha. One of the wonderful software. They have privilege to schedule entire mass for the year and store. you just have to go an select the desired mass schedule to display. In-built hymns, Catholic Bible, Prayers and also media facilities. Pre-Written PPT files also can be imported. What else You name it and they have it… Check out at

    1. Hello Liz! I just started to use freeworship today. I load to PPT Presentations and when i Preview them Its ok but when I go live nothing comes out to the screen.Searching the Bible need to do it one verse and a time. The configuration its some tricky but I like the interface. I will try to fine tuning the program in the next days before try another one.

  14. Hi,

    I want to project the songs in local Language format. Our’s is “TAMIL”..
    I have no idea on how to do that..
    Pls guide what to do..? how to do
    Thank U & GOD Bless U

    1. here is a possibility: google translate; here is what I did, I don’t have any idea if it is correct you should though

      for all the saints that …
      கடவுள் முன் வைத்து எல்லாப் பரிசுத்தவான்களுக்காகச்

      எனக்கு வயது பிளவு என்ற ராக்
      என்னை உமக்கு என்னை மறைக்க நாம்

      Kaṭavuḷ muṉ vaittu ellāp paricuttavāṉkaḷukkākac
      rock of ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee

      eṉakku vayatu piḷavu eṉṟa rāk
      eṉṉai umakku eṉṉai maṟaikka nām

      you would have a little typing and/or cut and paste but you would have a good service in the language you want.

  15. Praise God for search a website.
    i have been using Easyworship for my presentataions but i want some advanced and am going to start using SlideDog because have found it cool
    Am also looking for a software where i can 8use the message Alert while i can add in a log. anyone to help me please
    And incase one wants to become a friend so that we can share what i have with what you have, you can contact me on my Whatsapp number +256752466814.
    God bless you all

  16. I’m using the Ephphatha presentation software it is easy,simple and less expensive compare to many other you check it in their website

    1. What is the pricing? And how to obtain? the website only shows features, contact and press testimonials. Do we need to call? that is not really a comfort.

      1. you can call them and ask. They have included the Bible with permissions. They also have options to include multiple languages. I am using it successfully in my church

  17. I am using OpenLP for more than 2 years… I am very comfortable with it expect few challenges with Bible verse… any recommendation

    1. Hi, can you tell me how to add audio to slides, I would like for the announcements to have a audio reading with slides. I used power point and uploaded a video audio presentation but i want to see if there is another way. Also, have you used the remote feature yet.I would love to have a contact person that has used this program for questions. Youtube is fine but it does not answer everything.

  18. Song Of Songs is easy to use, which can be used for churches of all sizes to control their service media presentations.

    Controlled via a single screen easy control and make it simple to make on the fly changes for when the worship leader decides to change to a different song.

  19. In Our church we are using the #4 Free worship for over 6 months is totally free and I’d say all these are for English speakers this one is full loaded with hims and lyrics even with bible but our is a Spanish speakers and with some Godly help I was able to learn it and now we are really blessed with this Software , of course once we caught it , we started to mix some things with backgrounds , videos and make our own hims letters and all new stuff can be saved for any service.
    Free Worship from us brothers and sisters HIGHLY RECOMENDED !!

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