Best Free Presentation Software Solutions for Churches and Easy Worship Alternatives

We live in a digital world, and it's time to level up your sermons! Discover our users' favorite free presentation tools for churches, all of which function as fantastic EasyWorship alternatives, from OpenLP to SlideDog.

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We live in a digital world, and smart devices and projectors are becoming mainstream for conducting church services and displaying hymns, lyrics, Bible texts, and more. This has opened the gates to an influx of church presentation software solutions — many of which have leveled up to meet the digital needs of today’s pastors and church service members.

Of course, every church’s technological needs regarding digital presentations vary. Plus, new software always comes with a learning curve, and you must also consider the cost. 

Fortunately, many presentation software solutions for churches and worship are either completely free or offer excellent free versions that don’t limit you (like Easy Worship does) when you need robust features — like SlideDog

Below is our updated list of the best free alternatives to Easy Worship for church presentations in 2023:

SlideDog Is the Best EasyWorship Alternative

SlideDog is favored among hundreds of church leaders looking to conduct their sermons and church services digitally. SlideDog’s presentation software supports many media formats, including Prezi presentations, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, webpages, videos, and much more.

One of the primary reasons for its popularity among pastors is its ease of use. SlideDog allows you to manage your presentations via dual-screen mode and control the entire presentation from your smartphone. 

It also allows real-time sharing, which is a great supplement to in-person presentations. Your audience will be able to follow your images or slides if they’re sitting far away in the pews.

SlideDog’s Core Features

  • Multiple file format support (PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Prezi files, video clips, webpages, etc.)
  • Live sharing
  • Remote control
  • Advanced presentation features (feedback, polls, audience chat)
  • Confidence monitor support
  • Audience interaction capability


SlideDog Pricing

You can download the free version of SlideDog or opt for one of three paid plans, starting at US$8.25 per month or $99/year on an annual plan. (All paid plans offer offline use, activation on two computers, dual presentation capabilities, and more!)



OpenLP is an open-source worship presentation software, which means that it’s both free and tech-savvy users can modify its code to suit their needs. 

OpenLP is the perfect church presentation software for hymns and other holy songs. It allows you to import music from various sources and add tags for easier filtering and organization. 

This church presentation software also allows you to display song lyrics, Bible verses, videos, images, and even PowerPoint decks, and it has a remote control for your web browser, Android or iOS smart device. 

The software also allows you to format music to tailor it to your presentations and add backing tracks to your worship songs.

OpenLP Core Features

OpenLP Pricing

While OpenLP is free to download and use, it does have a dedicated group of volunteers that use their spare time to develop the software and assist users with issues. Therefore, they do take donations!

FreeWorship as an EasyWorship Alternative

Freeworship is another tool great for presentations that include song lyrics, Bible verses, images, and videos. You can completely customize your presentations, and it even has a stage display feature that allows you to give instructions during each presentation.

The best part about Freeworship is that it’s pre-integrated with Microsoft Powerpoint, which allows for seamless transmissions between songs, scripture, slides, and more, plus the formatting to suit all your needs.

FreeWorship Features

FreeWorship Pricing

Freeworship offers a free forever version, which comes with the necessary features.

You can also choose to upgrade to one of their paid versions, which start at around £10.00 per month and add extra features like the Twitter feed integration.


Despite not being one of the sleekest free church presentation software out there, EpicWorship does the trick if you need to display Bible verses, and lyrics, and start using presentations. 

EpicWorship Features

EpicWorship Pricing

EpicWorship is completely free but only supports Windows as the OS. 

The original EpicWorship has been discontinued and is no longer maintained, but the source code is available for download. According to the author of the project, a new version is called EpicWorshipNeo and can be found on GitHub. Unfortunately, the project seems abandoned, as it hasn’t been updated for at least four years.


VideoPsalm is a popular worship presentation software for pastors and church members who work with multiple languages. For starters, the software can display Bible verses in over 140 languages and it allows you to organize your music into songbooks. 

VideoPsalm also allows you to edit and display Bible song lyrics for your presentations and animate texts or images to give them more oomph. 

VideoPsalm is also popular for its live-streaming feature that allows you to broadcast sermons and services, seminars, reels, and videos from your social media accounts, including YouTube.

VideoPsalm Core Features

VideoPsalm Pricing

VideoPsalm is completely free to download and use.


While FreeShow wasn’t made specifically for sermons, you can still use it as a sleek, open-source alternative to Easy Worship. 

FreeShow allows you to drag & drop the media you’d like in your presentation, add and edit images, use a timer, add lyrics, Bible verses, and even play videos!

Freeshow Features

Freeshow Pricing

FreeShow’s pricing is exactly what it says on the tin – 100% free. 

A Note on ProPresenter and Worship Extreme

While ProPresenter is one of the most popular church presentation tools that comes with a free version, it’s not meant to be used in front of a live audience, so we’re not including it in our list of free tools. 

Similarly, you might be able to use WorshipTools Presenter’s (formerly known as Worship Extreme) free version – but you won’t get the key features such as remote control.

Graveyard of Outdated Easy Worship Alternatives

This section is dedicated to the free software you may have seen during your search. Unfortunately, it’s either no longer updated or isn’t up to snuff for today’s digital needs.

🥀 Does ZionWorx Still Work?

ZionWorx was previously on our list for its effortless setup and ease of use. The software boasted a feature-rich dashboard with hassle-free video playback for Microsoft PowerPoint. However, its free version is limited compared to the others listed above. 

What’s more, it hasn’t been updated since 2021.

  • Pricing: Limited free version and subscriptions from $14.50/month.
  • Supported OS: Windows, Android, and iOS

🥀 Praisenter

Praisenter is an application that displays Bible verses, songs, notifications, and more. It’s designed to be used with a projector, monitor, television, or other compatible device. The only caveat is that it hasn’t been updated since 2014, which means there’s likely no support, and it doesn’t function as it should with modern operating system updates.

  • Pricing: Free (open-source)
  • Supported OS: Windows, iOS, and Linux

🥀 Does Quelea Still Work?

Quelea is for the pastor or church member that wants to project slides, Bible verses, and song lyrics.

However, the website is no longer up, but if you’re familiar with the software, you can get it through websites like SourceForge.

The free software supports a separate stage view that allows you to display instrumental chords for the band or choir along with song lyrics for the rest of the congregation. You can also share music and song lyrics through browser links and libraries (including OpenSong) so your faithful members can view them on their own smart devices. 

  • Pricing: Quelea is completely free to download and use.
  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

🥀 Screen Monkey

Screen Monkey is a professional presentation software that allows for media playback and control for live events, including theater, church services, broadcasting, and more. It was once popular among church leaders because it allows you to display song lyrics and more in service presentations.

However, the copyright of the software hasn’t been updated since 2020, and the website’s security certificate has long expired. It also doesn’t seem to have active support, so you’ll be on your own if you have any issues. 

  • Pricing: Free; premium version at a flat $270 fee.
  • Supported OS: Windows

🥀 Is ShowShare Still Operational?

Showshare is a web-based presentation software specifically designed for Christian worship and services. It doesn’t require any downloading or installation and is compatible with any device or platform that could connect to the web. However, the website itself is entirely outdated — to the point where it looks like a fake site.

  • Pricing: Free for the first three months. After that, the Presenter accounts are £2 per month, or £20 for a year.
  • Supported OS: Web-based

🥀 LiveWorship Presentation Software Status in 2023

LiveWorship was created by GeekJam, LLC, as a cross-platform presentation software for worship. It had drag-and-drop capabilities and an interface allowing it to display Bible verses, songs, audio, video, and images. However, it hasn’t been updated since 2012, and the main website barely offers any information. 

  • Pricing: Free trial version. Then, plans start from $199.
  • Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Which Easy Worship Alternative Is the Best Option for Your Church?

Ultimately, the best software solution for you and your church will depend entirely on your needs. If you rarely use digital or projector presentations, you’ll only need an essential tool like Freeworship or OpenLP.

However, if you want to level up your sermons by making them more engaging and interactive, you’ll want a Church presentation software you can rely on. Consider the software solutions that offer paid versions beyond the free option, as you may require more for your presentations in the future.

SlideDog is the best option for creating interactive presentations with integrations from other tools, including PowerPoint and Prezi. 

With SlideDog, you’ll fully customize your presentations using all types of media files (from presentations to web pages) in one platform – without worrying about the hard technical stuff.

Try out the free version of SlideDog today and see the difference in your next sermon or service!

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