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General Information

SlideDog presents your files seamlessly and professionally to the audience at meetings, events, sales presentations, conferences, lectures and more. It is a Windows application that lets you to switch between various presentation media such as PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi, video and web pages.

Unfortunately, SlideDog is only available for Windows 7 or later at the moment. While technically possible, we are currently not working on making SlideDog available for Mac or Linux.

Yes. SlideDog works completely offline as long as you do not add online content to your playlists such as web pages, YouTube videos and audience interaction elements (Feedback, Poll, Chat). The Live Sharing feature and the SlideDog iOS/Android app will not work without an internet connection. NB! SlideDog Requires an internet connection the first time you start the application to register your E-mail / License Key.

Getting Started

Follow this step-by-step guide to install SlideDog on Windows 7 and above

SlideDog runs best on Windows 7 and later. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and plan on using the two-screen mode in SlideDog, you should enable “Aero”.

Yes. Since the task of showing the presentation files is entirely up to the software viewers installed on your PC, the result will be the same with or without SlideDog.

To show your presentation files as accurate as possible, SlideDog uses the best file viewer programs available for the various file formats (PowerPoint is used to show .pptx files, VLC is used to show videos, etc.).

SlideDog supports all screen resolutions that are available on your operating system.

Creating and Using Playlists

No. Not without manually splitting the .pptx or .pdf into two separate files.

They will be treated as separate files. If you advance on one playlist item, the other won’t be affected.

No. SlideDog playlists needs SlideDog Free or Pro installed in order to play.

Controlling Presentations

SlideDog only has a few keyboard shortcuts. In general you press “PgDn” or “Right Arrow” to go to the next slide or item in the playlist and “ESC” to unload the presentation files and exit the show. Remember that you can still use the file viewers keyboard shortcuts when you are playing the files in SlideDog.

Yes, our SlideDog companion app for iOS and Android allows you to remote control SlideDog. Click Read More for links.

Presentation Formats

Currently SlideDog supports a limited number of presentation formats and file viewers. We are continuously working to support more file types. If you miss a format that you think we should support, please contact us.

SlideDog supports PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi, Videos, Images, Web Pages, Word, Excel.

Yes. It’s possible by downloading your Prezi (Next) presentation to a “Standalone / Offline file”.

Order and Payment

Go to the Pricing page an either click on “Sign Up” or “Buy Now”. Your payment will be processed immediately and you’ll receive your license key by e-mail within a couple of minutes.

You’ll need to be connected to the Internet when activating your license key.. 1. Start SlideDog. 2. Click “Upgrade to Pro” from the “License” top menu. 3. Copy and paste your license key into the license field and click “Register License

If you’ve changed your mind, and you no longer wish to use SlideDog, we can offer a full refund within 30 days of you purchasing SlideDog. Click Read More for more information.

Yes. To do this you must first deactivate the license on the computer you wish to remove it from. This can be accomplished in four small steps..

Yes. One SlideDog license key is valid for two computers that can run SlideDog simultaneously. To use SlideDog on a third machine, you need to deactivate your license from the “License” top menu on one of the activated PCs and then reactivate it on another PC.

To cancel your subscription of SlideDog you must click the link contained in the email you received when you first made your order. This link is also found in each of the renewal notification emails.

Yes we do. When you buy two or more copies of SlideDog, you are eligible to receive volume pricing. Read More for an overview.

One license of SlideDog Pro costs $99 USD and include a year’s worth of updates and priority support. The Event License cost $49 and is valid for 14-days from time of purchase.

The annual license is valid for 1 year. The Monthly License is valid for 30-days from the time of purchase. Click Read More for more information.

We are a Norwegian based company, but we are selling SlideDog through a US-based payment processor.

We are a Norwegian based company, but we are selling SlideDog through a US-based payment processor.

If you purchased SlideDog via our own store, you will have received an invoice to the email you entered when purchasing. See Read More for more information.

Click Read More to go to our support page where you can reset your license key.

Pro Features

Yes. You will receive free upgrades and premium support (guaranteed answer from our support team) as long as your subscription period is active. If you do not renew your license after the subscription period, you can still keep using the Free version.

Yes, but this is a Pro feature. Free users can try this feature for 15 minutes from within the app. Click Read More for a guide.


There are several possible reasons why this might happen. The most common reason is that the Windows screen scaling or DPI setting is set above 100%. This causes the operating system to wrongfully report a lower screen resolution to SlideDog.

There could be several reasons for why Live Sharing does not load properly. Continue reading to troubleshoot.

When you purchase the SlideDog Pro annual subscription for the first time, you can use it for a year from the date of purchase, or for as long as you keep your subscription active…

To activate SlidedDog Pro, you need to click “Upgrade to Pro” from the “License” top menu. Copy and paste your license key into the license field and click “Register License”…

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