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What is church and worship motion multimedia?

Christian organisations are becoming more and more digital and have become really good at integrating multimedia into their events. This guide will help you navigate free and paid services that provide Christian video backgrounds, motion loops, countdowns and clips which can be used for worship, churches, sermons and more.

What separates this multimedia is that it focuses on categories like holidays, announcements, crosses, symbols, Jesus and more. Many of such videos also include suitable texts which can e.g. be used to wish your audience a great holiday with a nice animation running in the background.

These videos are usually used together with presentation software like PowerPoint or SlideDog. Take a look at our other article for a great overview of presentation software for churches and worship.

Please note: There are many sites and services which on the surface looks like they provide free media but in reality they have minimal of free content and you would need to pay for a subscription (sometimes quite expensive) to access the media. We use the term “Free” below when the content is available for Free or “Free Collections” when it’s a site that normally require you to pay but they offer a great amount of multimedia for free as well.

What you’ll find in this post

  • Free resources and collections of motion backgrounds and similar for churches and worship services
  • Paid (usually subscriptions) resources
  • Guides to how you can add text on top of motion videos in e.g. PowerPoint and Apple Keynote

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How  to embed video in presentations hero image

This guide will show you how to embed video or YouTube in the most popular presentation software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote and Prezi. It will cover different versions of PowerPoint as well.

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Presentation Software

Thank you for visiting this page! You probably got here from Google, searching for some presentation software alternatives, right? There are tons of blogs out there, like ours, trying to outdo each other by having the most comprehensive list of certain topics. To be honest, most of the lists you’ll find in the top results on Google are.. well, not very good. They mostly opt in for quantity rather than quality, listing a huge number of superficial descriptions of products and sprinkling buzzwords and industry jargon in between. This is standard SEO tactics, and that itself is not a problem, but the validity of the content in those kinds of blog posts is seldom checked or updated with new information, especially with large lists having entries in the double digits. Often the information you find in these lists are stale, but is made to seem fresh by a recently updated publish date..

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SlideDog Interview with the Pied Piper of Hameln, Germany!

19 February, 2019 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - No comments


We at Team SlideDog are fortunate to have customers from all over the world, spanning lots of different professions and industries. A few years ago we stumbled into the Church Presentation Software industry without even knowing such a market existed! Ever since we shipped the first version SlideDog in 2012 we are regularly surprised and excited when new industries and types of professions start using SlideDog for their day-to-day presentations and multimedia shows.

Needless to say, there are quite a lot of interesting people among our users. Today we’ve been so lucky to get to interview the official Pied Piper of Hameln, Germany! His real name is Michael Boyer and he is one of the iconic employees of the tourist office in Hameln, which is one of several public and non-public enterprises in Germany using SlideDog.
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