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Information about SlideDog and our brand.

What is SlideDog?

SlideDog is the only tool that allows users to combine all sorts of presentations and multimedia files into one seamless experience, with no quality loss or awkward software switches.

The product is already a natural part of everyday life for sales people, teachers, technicians, students, managers and other professional speakers who daily give presentations. More than 50,000 people have used SlideDog since launching in mid 2013.

The team behind SlideDog has over 10 years of experience from the event industry and development of presentation software. In addition to a good technical foundation, in-house experts in Internet marketing have contributed to a substantial month after month user growth since product launch.

Key Features

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Seamless Switching

SlideDog works as a launch pad for presentations. It detects what software you have installed on your computer and uses the best available programs to launch your different media. All this happens behind the scenes, and only using the SlideDog user interface, making it seem like SlideDog itself is playing and switching between the PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF and video files, when in fact the files are being played back by appropriate file viewers. This way SlideDog can ensure perfect playback and seamless switching of presentation files while enabling you to control the different files through a common and user friendly interface.

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Use any web-enabled device with a modern browser to control SlideDog remotely or use the native app for iOS or Android. With the SlideDog Remote App you can change files and slides, control multimedia and view notes. Your own PIN code restricts access to the remote and makes sure you are the only one in charge.

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Live Sharing

With SlideDog’s Live Sharing of presentation content, your audience can follow your slides on their own devices through a SlideDog generated link or from the app for iOS or Android. One click and they can see currently and previously seen slides, ask questions (chat), answer polls, and give feedback.

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