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$ 19

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19 USD flat monthly fee. Cancel at any time.

Free software upgrades

Priority email support

Present Offline – No Internet Connection needed

Use SlideDog Pro on two machines simultaneously

$ 99 (1st year)

per 2 seats, billed annually

$79.20 on subsequent years ( 20% renewal discount )

Free software upgrades

Priority email support

Present Offline – No Internet Connection needed

Use SlideDog Pro on two machines simultaneously

$ 299

per 2 seats, one time payment

Pay once. No subscription

Free upgrades until next major version (3.0.0)

Priority email support

Present Offline – No Internet Connection needed

Use SlideDog Pro on two machines simultaneously

Requires Windows 7 or newer.

Prices in USD. VAT may apply. Annual license is valid one year from the date of purchase. All licenses are valid for use on two computers at a time.

ENTERPRISE: Do you a need floating license for your organization? Please contact us.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Do you offer an Educational Discount?

Yes. We offer discounts for educational institutions. Please Contact Us, mention Educational Discount and shortly describe your use-case.

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

Yes. You can get up to 40% discount on SlideDog Pro. Please see Volume Pricing for full overview and more information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply follow the link contained in the email you received when you first made your order. This link is also found in each of the renewal notification emails. Your subscription will revert to the Free version when the current billing period expires.

How do I order the Pro version of SlideDog?

You can order a Pro license by clicking on the Sign Up or Buy Now buttons above, which will redirect you to the SlideDog Store. Your payment will be processed immediately and you’ll receive your license key by e-mail within a couple of minutes. You can start using SlideDog and activate the license from within the application.

How often do you release a new major version?

SlideDog is a mature and stable product and our releases of major versions (new feature releases) are historically several years apart. Small improvements and bug fixes happen more often, but sporadically. If you are considering the LIFETIME offer, rest assured that your product will continue to function even though your right to free upgrades might expire after a few years. If you encounter any issues or bugs with the software, please contact us and we will of course help you regardless if your right to product upgrades has expired.

How does the licensing work? Do I get an account?

When you buy SlideDog Pro you will be sent a license key. Download and install SlideDog and use the license key to activate Pro from within the application. There’s no SlideDog account you need to log into. Your license key is tied to the email you gave us when purchasing. You can activate SlideDog Pro on two computers at the same time, typically a presentation PC at work and another computer at home. If you need to activate your license on a third machine, you must de-activate the license on one of your activated machines. There is no limit to how many times you can de-activate or activate your license key.

Can I transfer my SlideDog Pro licence from one PC to another?

Yes. You can deactivate your license at any time and reactivate it on another PC. Two machines can be running SlideDog Pro at a time per license key.

Will I receive free upgrades and premium support as a Pro user?

You will receive free upgrades and premium support (guaranteed answers from our support team) as long as your subscription period is active. If you have purchased a LIFETIME SlideDog Pro license, you will receive free upgrades until the next major version is released.

SlideDog Pro

Take your presentations to the next level.

Use SlideDog as your presentation launchpad and and enjoy the freedom while presenting.

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Presenter View / Dual Screen

Also known as “Extended Desktop” mode or “Presenter View.” Your PC monitor shows a control panel of the playlist, slide thumbnails, notes, etc., while the audience sees only the presentation files.

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Custom Background

For company branding and visibility, you can use your own background image during breaks and before the start of a slideshow.

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Live Sharing, Poll & Feedback

Let your audience follow your presentation on their own devices. In addition to viewing the current and previous slides, your audience can ask questions, answer polls and provide valuable feedback. You control what is displayed at all times.

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No Watermark

In the free version of SlideDog there is a watermark in the bottom-right corner. This is removed in SlideDog Pro.

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Premium Support

SlideDog Pro users will get answers in less than a day from SlideDog employees. Free users may need to wait a bit longer. Both can use the community forum as they please.

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Looping and Auto-Advance

Use SlideDog as a digital signage solution. Looping presentation playlists lets SlideDog advance the presentations automatically. This feature is perfect for unattended presentations at exhibitions or conference stands.

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