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Information about SlideDog and our brand.

A few words about us

SlideDog presentation software is the only tool that allows you to combine all sorts of presentations and multimedia files into one seamless experience, with no quality loss or awkward software switches.

The product is already a natural part of everyday life for sales people, teachers, AV technicians, students, managers and other professional speakers who daily give presentations. The team behind SlideDog have over 10 years of experience from the event industry and development of presentation software.

SlideDog Logo

This page is here to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo and some images that help communicate about SlideDog. For special requests or inquiries, please Contact Us. Thank you for helping us keeping our brand beautiful!

Vertical / White
SlideDog Vertical Logo
Horizontal / White
SlideDog Horizontal Logo

SlideDog Images

These images are provided for press use only. If you need another format or have a special request, please contact us at [email protected].

Main Product
Main Product View
Dual Screen Setup
Dual Screen Setup
Meeting Setting
Meeting Setting
Presentation Setting
Presentation Setting
Live Sharing Poll
Live Sharing Poll
Live Sharing - Present
Live Sharing Present
App Remote - Playlist
App Remote Playlist
App Remote - Notes
App Remote Notes

SlideDog Screenshots

Screenshots of the SlideDog application, Web Remote and Live Sharing view.

Presenting PowerPoint
SlideDog running a PowerPoint
Presenting Video
SlideDog running video
Presenting Prezi
SlideDog running a Prezi
Dual Screen Mode
Dual Screen Mode
SlideDog Poll
Slidedog Poll
SlideDog Edit Mode
SlideDog Edit Mode
SlideDog Startup Screen
SlideDog Startup Screen

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