About SlideDog

General information about SlideDog

SlideDog presents your files seamlessly and professionally to the audience at meetings, events, sales presentations, conferences, lectures and more.

It is a Windows application that lets you seamlessly switch between various presentation media such as PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi, video, and web pages.

What is SlideDog

At its core, SlideDog works as a launch pad for presentations. It detects what software you have installed on your computer and uses the best available programs to launch your different media.

All this happens behind the scenes, and only using the SlideDog user interface, making it seem like SlideDog itself is playing and switching between the PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, and video files, when in fact appropriate file viewers are rendering the content.

This way SlideDog can ensure perfect playback and seamless switching of presentation files

It's perfect for people who use multiple forms of media in their presentations and a great tool at events where you have multiple presenters.

SlideDog App

SlideDog also comes with audience interaction features built in, letting you add polls, Q&A sessions, and feedback surveys to your presentations. You can even let your audience follow your slides on their own devices using the SlideDog Live Sharing feature.

By using the SlideDog App for iOS and Android, presenters can remote control SlideDog and switch between presentation media, advance slides, pause videos and read slide notes from their phones and tablets.

Unfortunately, SlideDog is only available for Windows. While technically possible, we are currently not working on making SlideDog available for Mac or Linux.

Yes. SlideDog works completely offline unless you add online content to your playlists such as web pages, YouTube videos and audience interaction elements (Feedback, Poll, Chat).

Note that SlideDog requires an Internet connection the first time you start the application to register your e-mail and/or license key.

The Live Sharing feature and the SlideDog iOS/Android remote control app will not work without an Internet connection.

SlideDog has a free and a pro version. The pro version is available as a monthly and yearly subscription, as well as a lifetime option. See Pricing for details.