How can I use Prezi in SlideDog?


It’s possible by downloading your Prezi (Next) presentation to a “Standalone / Offline file”.

Note: Downloading a Prezi presentation is not available when using Prezi Next online. Please use the Prezi Next desktop application to download your presentation.

To create a SlideDog show with Prezis in it follow these steps for each Prezi file you want to show:

  1. Download the offline portable version of your Prezi presentation and unzip it to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Open the folder where you unzipped your Prezi presentation.
  3. Drag the “.exe” file into the SlideDog playlist.
  4. Close any open windows of offline Prezis (if you skip this step, SlideDog won’t be able to load the Prezis).
  5. Click “Start Show” and wait for the files to load (some Prezis takes a long time to load).

Important: Make sure you’ve closed all open windows of offline Prezis before trying to start a show in SlideDog that contains Prezi files.

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