I need an invoice, where can I request it?

If you purchased SlideDog via our own store, you will have received an invoice to the email you entered when purchasing. Search your inbox for “Your Order: SlideDog” (with quotes) and you should find one or more emails with your order ID(s), starting with the letters “PRE” followed by three sets of numbers separated by dashes (example: PRE111111-2222-33333). The emails will contain a link to your invoice for your initial SlideDog purchase or re-bill.

Once you have your Order ID you can access the invoice by visiting:
https://sites.fastspring.com/preseria/order/invoice/[order id]
For example: https://sites.fastspring.com/preseria/order/invoice/PRE111111-2222-33333

If you still can’t find your invoice please contact us.

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