Building a playlist for your show

How to build a SlideDog playlist from your presentation media

No. Not without manually splitting the .pptx or .pdf into two separate files.

SlideDog will however remember the last slide/page you were on when switching from a PowerPoint or a PDF to another item during your presentation.

If you want to do this when using mirrored screens (instead of extended / two-screen mode) we recommend you use the SlideDog iOS/Android companion app to avoid having to move the mouse to the bottom or top of the screen and show the SlideDog playlist GUI interface to your audience.

The SlideDog iOS/Android companion app makes it easy to jump between different files and media.

No. SlideDog does not let you set a custom start or end time within a single video file. You will have to manually edit the video file, trim out the unwanted parts and save a copy of it, before loading it into your SlideDog playlist.

They will be treated as separate files. If you advance on one playlist item, the other won’t be affected.

No. To play SlideDog playlists, SlideDog needs to be installed on your PC. If your playlist contains PowerPoint files and PDF documents, you'll also need Office PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat/Reader installed.