What is SlideDog?

SlideDog presents your files seamlessly and professionally to the audience at meetings, events, sales presentations, conferences and lectures. It’s developed by the Norwegian company Preseria AS and enables you to seamlessly switch between various presentation files such as PowerPoints, PDFs, movies, images, web-pages, Prezis, and other documents.

SlideDog works as a launch pad for presentations. It detects what software you have installed on your computer and uses the best available programs to launch your different media. All this happens behind the scenes, and only using the SlideDog user-interface, making it seem like SlideDog itself is playing and switching between the PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF and movie files, when in fact the files are being played back by appropriate file-viewers. This way SlideDog can ensure perfect playback and seamless switching of presentation files while enabling you to control the different files through a common and user-friendly interface.

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