When will SlideDog support file type X and program Y?

Currently SlideDog supports a limited number of presentation formats and file viewers. We are continuously working to support more file types. If you miss a format that you think we should support, please contact us.

When deciding which file viewers to support and what software SlideDog will use to show a specific media format we mainly focus on choosing the file player that has the broadest range of file type support. Other important factors are responsiveness and trustworthiness.
For example Adobe Reader might not be the fastest or smallest (in file size) PDF viewer out there, but it is king when it comes to supporting the different kinds of PDF files, including support for multimedia and 3D in PDF files.

However, we understand that people have strong preferences in the programs they use (for instance their default browser) and therefore we are working on broadening the support for viewers of specific file formats.

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