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How to present Haiku Decks in SlideDog

22 May, 2014 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - No comments

We here at SlideDog love Haiku Deck for its fun, simple and elegant approach to presentations. This guide will show you how to add Haiku Decks to SlideDog and combine them with any other media files into a seamless presentation experience .

1. Share your Haiku Deck presentation as a web link
After creating your presentation, select “Share” on the top right of the Haiku Deck page. Then select “Copy link”. Copy the link provided by pressing CTRL+C.

Haiku Web App

Haiku Sharing

2. Add your Haiku link to SlideDog
Now fire up SlideDog, open the “Add Item” menu and select “Web Page”. Then paste the Haiku link into the address bar by pressing CTRL+V and press “Add Link” . You should now see your Haiku Deck in the SlideDog playlist.

Add as web page

Add url to SlideDog

3. Add other media and start the show
You can now combine your Haiku Deck with any other media, such as YouTube clips, Prezis, PowerPoints and web pages by simply adding them to the SlideDog playlist. Press “Start Show” when ready and SlideDog will show all your files in a seamless experience for you and your audience.

SlideDog running Haiku

NOTE: You will still have to press the Fullscreen button after launching a Haiku Deck. We hope that this task can be done automatically in future versions.