SlideDog Live Sharing in 3 simple steps

Live Sharing is like digital handouts where the audience can follow your slides through their own web browser. You can also interact with them by starting polls, chat sessions and get feedback on your presentation.


Step 1

Preferences Menu

Start SlideDog and open the Preferences Menu. Name your channel something that is easy for your audience to remember (event name, class name etc).

Step 2

Live Sharing start channel

Then launch the channel by turning the switch to “ON” in the Live Sharing menu. You are now broadcasting to the web link: .

Step 3

Live Sharing set channel name

Share this link with your audience. For best results, leave it visible during your entire presentation (by writing it on a whiteboard etc) or include it on the first slide of your presentation. You can also tell SlideDog to display this link on top of the background image in the Preferences Menu.

Step 4

Now, add your presentation files and click START SHOW. SlideDog will broadcast your slides to all connected devices. To start an interactive poll, open the Live Sharing menu, click “Start a Poll” and enter your question and answer alternatives. An answer form will pop up on all connected devices and the results will be presented for you in real-time.

Live Sharing opens up for tons of new ways to present. Use the chat feature to start discussions or to receive questions, start interactive polls to find out what the audience thinks about a subject, or ask for feedback on your presentation material. No matter how you use Live Sharing, we would like to hear about it in the comments section below.

Happy presenting!

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