PechaKucha – 20 images x 20 seconds

A new form of lightning-talk events is starting to spread fast. At “PechaKucha Nights”, originally started in Japan in 2003, presenters are bound to a strict presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6:40 in total).


PechaKucha posthead

The slides are set to auto-advance which keeps presentations concise, fast-paced and the multiple-speaker events on-schedule.

PechaKucha was originally started as an event series allowing young designers to meet, show their work, and exchange ideas, but today many others have adopted the concept and made it their own. Some have also began allowing videos and multimedia (Wikipedia). A typical PechaKucha Night includes 8 to 14 presentations.

You can read more about PechaKucha on their homepage:

If you want to try out the PechaKucha style of presenting yourself you need an image viewer that can do timed slideshows. PowerPoint is another option, as it supports slide timings.

How to create a PechaKucha presentation in SlideDog

  1. Start SlideDog, click “Settings” and “Preferences”
  2. Enable “Automatic Advance” and set the timer to “20 seconds”
  3. Add your slides to the playlist and arrange them in the correct order
  4. Save or run your SlideDog playlist
How to enable PechaKucha in SlideDog
How to enable “PechaKucha mode” in SlideDog.
A space-themed PechaKucha Presentation in SlideDog
A space-themed PechaKucha Presentation in SlideDog

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