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SlideDog 1.5.2 with VLC stand-alone/portable

10 January, 2014 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - No comments

We’ve issued a small update to the SlideDog Installer that gives you an option to use the stand-alone/portable version of VLC to play videos in SlideDog. This is good news for people wanting to run SlideDog on corporate computers with restricted accounts.

Choosing “VLC Portable” during installation will download the latest version of VLC and extract it into the SlideDog folder under “/VLCPortable”. SlideDog will look for vlc.exe in this folder by default, and secondary check your computer for a valid VLC installation.

If you want to use another version of VLC than the one SlideDog Installer automatically downloads and installs, just overwrite the contents of the “/VLCPortable” folder in your “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Preseria\SlideDog”-folder.