SlideDog Web Remote in 3 simple steps

Control SlideDog from any web-enabled device. Use the SlideDog Remote app to switch between presentation files, change slides, pause videos, and more.


Step 1

Web Remote Start Channel

Start SlideDog and enable remoting by clicking the Web Remote toolbar and turn the switch to “ON”.

Step 2

Input channel name and PIN

Add your presentation files to SlideDog and click START SHOW. You should now see the SlideDog playlist presented your smart phone. Use the top buttons to switch to the next or previous slide, or use the playlist to jump directly to other files. If your PowerPoint files contain notes, you can read them on the notes tab.

Step 3

Show Started

Web Remote opens up for tons of new ways to present. Presenters and teachers can use it to move freely during their presentations, and event managere can use it to switch between speaker presentations without going up on the stage (You can use the web remote along with any standard presentation clicker).

Happy presenting!

4 thoughts on “SlideDog Web Remote in 3 simple steps

  1. Hi guys, Im trying to connect from android chrome browser and stay on the “logging in” screen only, nothing else happen… what can I do?

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