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Top 5 Presentation Tools and Software

16 March, 2014 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - 12 comments

As you’ve all noticed, PowerPoint isn’t the only available presentation tool for creating digital slideshows anymore. Young start-ups and established players are eating away at their ~90% market cap, and each day a new species of the slide-tool animal kingdom is discovered.


I believe the biggest reason for this boom in presentation software is because the browser has become so much more powerful than before. New web technologies, free and open source libraries and more powerful devices have made it possible to rapidly create advanced web applications that can do nearly the same as PowerPoint.

But is “nearly the same” good enough? And do the new players pose any real threat to PowerPoint, the king of the SlideShow Throne? Well, time will show..

Here are my predictions for the presentation software solutions that will dominate 2014:

1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint


Come on, who else did you think would be at the top? It’s all good that you want to root for the underdog, but nobody’s getting near to PowerPoints firm grip on the presentation software market in 2014. Even if they try to force people into using their software, like Prezi did at the latest SXSW conferences.

Most people doing presentations in 2014 are still going to stick with the true and tested. All hail the king! Or face Death by PowerPoint..

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2. Prezi


As mentioned above, Prezi is pouring money and effort into speeding up their rate of adoption and trying to steal customers from PowerPoint. They’ve sponsored big conference events and Obama’s ConnectED Tech Initiative with free licenses, and they’ve put a massive effort into convincing teachers and educators that Prezi is the best tool for presenting. Even though Microsoft and others are also in on this sponsorship, it’s Prezi that are getting the headlines on TechCrunch. And you’ve got to hand it to the Prezi guys, they’re doing a great job in getting press coverage for their zooming presentation software.

My guess is that Prezi will stay on the same path and continue this marketing push throughout 2014, aiming specifically at the education and conference market.

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3. SlideDog


Okay, putting yourself up there among the top threes is maybe a bit cocky (hey, it’s our blog!). But we do have great ambitions for 2014 and we do believe we can make a difference in the presentation software market. As SlideDog isn’t a slide composer per say, we aren’t in direct competition with the other players in this list. Instead of creating our own proprietary format, we aim to be the presentation player that you cannot live without.

Just recently we released a set of features that takes SlideDog to a whole new level, enabling SlideDog users to interact with the audience and engage them like never before. You can now easily add live polls, ask the audience for feedback, share slides online and remote control SlideDog from your mobile phone. All this can be enabled from within the app itself, and to this day we haven’t seen any competitors that can match our combination of seamless presentation playback and interactive audience features. Currently, all the new features are included in the free version of SlideDog.

Download the latest version of SlideDog for free!

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4. Keynote


Apple announced in late 2013 that all new Mac and iOS devices will get the iWork office suite for free. Keynote, the iWork presentation software that is now included with all new OS X Mavericks machines, will be a natural choice for many Mac presenters in 2014. Keynote itself isn’t revolutionary or packed with lots of interesting features that sets it apart from its competitors, but it has a nice user interface, comes with beautiful slide templates and has over the years proven to be a good alternative to PowerPoint.

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5. ClearSlide/SlideRocket


SlideRocket stopped accepting new users when it was acquired by ClearSlide in 2013. My guess is that they will return with full force in 2014 as the integration of the two products are complete. SlideRocket’s killer feature was their unrivaled focus on viewer statistics and how to drive sales by sharing SlideRocket presentations online. This focus was probably sharpened even more after the acquisition by ClearSlide, which defines itself as a Sales Engagement Platform.

The project of merging a presentation sharing platform and editing software with a proven sales platform might result in a game changing monster that sets a new standard for business and sales presentations.

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  • Leahla

    I’ve been locked out of Prezi several times. It has pa poor website

  • agnest

    You can count Visme in. is a flexible, browser-based tool which makes it easy to create infographics, presentations, banner ads and graphs & charts. It is free, and also offers premium features for those looking to go above and beyond. It has a great website too.

  • Karl & Groucho Marx

    I saw a piece of software with a feature that allowed you to edit a speaker and her presentation deck just by toggling between them in real time — you could choose one or the other or split screen. I know a lot of programs can do this but this was nice because it was so simple: just a bar with three choices. Anyone recognize this?

  • Angela

    There’s also which is similar to SlideDog but it basically embeds things like websites and web apps, 3D models and maps inside your slides.

  • Baby44h

    I use totokam it is easy to use and you can make any video action that you want. It work greats than any video maker or power point. Totokam is suitable for make presentation video.

  • maino

    Totokam work greats to make presentation video.

  • Great list of presentation software, Dag. I represent and we posted an article about how you can take your online presentations to the next level using Prezi. Check it out and let us know what you think!

  • Anna Olejnicka

    I recommend DBE. You can add videos with commentaries to each slide and present the slides in a non-linear way!

  • Allie989

    I stopped using PowerPoint when a friend showed me Prezi, but after a while the web started locking me out, and sometimes I couldn’t even download my presentations… Recently I discovered Genially, and I really reccomend it. It’s pretty easy to use, and it gives you infinite possibilities.

  • Hi Dag, we were thinking the same thing at the same time. Having looked around I was frustrated with the restrictions existing presentation tools placed on me. So in 2014 I decided to write my own software, simple to use, but with some real power under the hood. I wanted the ability to present in a non-linear way, a custom animation builder and timing controls, to be able to record voice straight onto a slide, to be able to search for any slide you ever wrote and easily drop it into your current deck, full multi-media functionality, like presenting a live website, include video, audio, charts and run online and offline, increased security over content distribution and full analytics on views. Two years later and Presbee is born. See what you think!
    Presbee can be found at and is free for those wanting to try it out.

  • judyk

    SLidedog doesnt work with Mac yet – – -why not??? (Especially if you are going to put it in top 3)

  • Bradley Young

    Excellent list, love the death by PowerPoint reference…so very true