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Introducing the new Remote and Live Sharing

20 November, 2018 by Christian  - No comments

Slidedog Presentation Interaction
Whether you are presenting for a live audience or in a virtual environment like webinars, there is no doubt you will benefit from increased interaction with your audience.

Here are some of what you can do with SlideDog Remote and Live Sharing:

  • Share live updates of the presentation slides
  • Create an instant poll or feedback form in SlideDog and send it to the audience
  • Prepare polls or feedback forms as part of your presentation playlist
  • Live chat with the audience or between the participants
  • Remotely control your presentation, jump between slides, control videos and read presenter notes

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Best Business Presentation Software for 2017

10 January, 2017 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - 1 comment

Slidedog Business Presentation Software

Time was, there was only one presentation tool available. It had its plus points – it wasn’t a big piece of paper on an easel – but if you found it hard to use or you just plain didn’t like it, well, there wasn’t a lot you could do about that. Fast forward to 2017 and we have the opposite problem. There are literally hundreds of tools out there now for different platforms and offering different takes on building and displaying presentations. The problem we have now is there are too many to keep track of!

That’s why we made this list: to help you find and rate the best business presentation software in a crowded marketplace.

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Best Free Presentation Software and Tools for 2017

17 December, 2016 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - 4 comments

SlideDog Presentation Software

There’s a tipping point in the market dominance of a product we could call the ‘Hoover point’. When it switches over to being the name for the whole class of products, the way Hoover came to mean vacuum cleaner, that makes it look like its market dominance will be hard to dent. And when it comes to the best presentation software, it can be hard to see past the biggest name in the game. Everybody’s made a PowerPoint. Microsoft is there.

But that doesn’t mean it has the best product.

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Top 10 Presentation Ideas To Make Your Presentations Great

21 September, 2015 by Dag Hendrik Lerdal - 1 comment

SlideDog Presentation Setting

Presentations are an essential part of marketing and academia, but they’re also inescapable in schools and colleges. That’s because, no matter what work you do, you’ll likely need to give a presentation at some point. The ubiquity of the presentation is about its ability to transmit new ideas quickly. But some presentations feel like they’re transmitting old ideas at the speed of continental drift. What sets the great presentations – the ones that actually grab your attention and make you curious and even enthusiastic – apart from the bad ones?

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