Updates to SlideDog Pricing and Double Activations

We are making some changes to SlideDog Pro that might interest you!


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Lifetime and monthly licenses are back!

We’ve decided to bring back the monthly subscription of SlideDog Pro as well as the option to purchase a lifetime license that includes free upgrades until the next major version (3.0.0). These license options were removed about two years ago when we simplified our pricing model, but now they’re back because of popular demand.

SlideDog Pro Pricing as of February 2021:

  • Monthly: $19 USD per month.
  • Annual: $99 USD first year, $79 following years.
  • Lifetime: $299 USD one time payment.

Two activations included for each license key

We’ve decided to make it easier for you to work with your SlideDog Pro license on multiple computers. Each license key can now be activated on two different computers simultaneously. If you have a “presentation PC” and a “work PC”, you can install and activate SlideDog Pro on both and transfer playlists without having to de-activate and re-activate your license key. This also means that you no longer need two license keys to run a backup PC alongside your live-production PC at your events.

20% automatic discount when renewing annual

All existing and new customers of the annual subscription will automatically get a 20% discount upon renewal. SlideDog Pro is priced at $99 USD the first year and $79 USD the following years as long as the subscription is kept active. This discount is added on top of any volume discounts.

Limited Offer: 20% off all SlideDog Pro plans

To celebrate our new (or should I say old) pricing plans, we are launching a limited offer that takes 20% off the price of any of the SlideDog Pro pricing plans. The following coupon codes are valid until March 1st, 2021:


Go to our Pricing page, select your plan and apply the appropriate coupon during checkout to see the discounted price. Note that for the annual license the discount applies to the first year only as each following year (renewal) is already at 20% discount.

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