SlideDog v.2.2.9 release and Remote + Live Sharing updates

The latest update to SlideDog and the companion app improves the overall Live Sharing and SlideDog Remote experience.

Dag Hendrik Lerdal
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This article was originally published on October 11, 2021 at 2:36 pm

With the latest two releases of SlideDog (v.2.2.8 & v.2.2.9) we’ve improved the Live Sharing and SlideDog Remote features.

Along with the updates to the desktop app for Windows, we’ve released new updates to the SlideDog companion app for iOS, Android and web (

Updates and Fixes:

  • Claimed channel names are reserved for 24 hours to the Windows computer running SlideDog and kept alive as long as the computer is online and running SlideDog with Live Sharing or Remote enabled.
  • A couple of networking issues, that resulted in a “Unable to connect to server” error, are fixed.
  • An issue where the playlist on the PC would get out of sync with the companion app (remote) is fixed.
  • An issue related to font scaling on the PC that caused unwanted cropping of the Live Sharing stream is fixed.
  • A bug that caused the slide index of PDFs to show up as 0 on the companion app (Remote) is fixed.
  • Various user interface and performance improvements.

Visit the App Store / Google Play to get the latest version of the SlideDog companion app for iOS and Android (v.2.6.1).

If you want to download the full installer for SlideDog on your PC, you can find links for your system below. Otherwise, just enable automatic updates within the app (“Settings” – “Preferences”)


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