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Lots of research indicate that the use of technology to enhance lectures has several benefits. Although confidence, body language and story-telling skills are important traits of an educator, the use of technology plays a major role in how well a lecture presentation is perceived.

Dag Hendrik Lerdal
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This article was originally published on October 8, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Studies show that incorporating technology into lectures makes lectures more interesting, helps students pay attention, and helps them better understand the material (Sammons, 1997; Fox, 1992). Technology also enables educators and teachers to present content in a variety of formats, appealing to students with different learning styles and engaging them in the learning process.
In other words; It’s important that educators explore the possibilities within ICT in education and don’t get stuck in old habits.

In this blog post we’ve listed three good reasons why you should use SlideDog for your lecture presentations. We assume that you use some kind of digital presentation authoring tool to create your media files (PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, Prezi, HaikuDeck, etc.).

1: Seamless and non-distracting media switces

You can seamlessly switch between lecture material of different file formats. Add a PPT slide deck, a YouTube video, a PDF and some high-resolution images into SlideDog’s playlist and it will pre-load the files letting you switch between them as if they were one big integrated presentation file. No more awkward and distracting Alt-Tab’ing between open applications.

2: Interactive elements and live slide sharing

You can add Polls and Feedback items into SlideDog’s presentation playlist, spicing up the lecture and engaging your students. Also, you can let students follow your slides on their own devices while you present, letting them pause the slideshow if they need to take additional notes or check specific details on a slide.

3: Remote Control

You can control all your presentation items from SlideDog’s remote app that works on any web-enabled device. Unshackle yourself from the computer desk, move around the classroom and switch between polls, videos and slide decks from your smart phone.

Check out this video showing how to use SlideDog’s live slide sharing feature in your next lecture:

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